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For a “Social” Schema for Education

Better data capture and analysis are becoming important tools in our efforts to improve education in the United States. Increasingly districts and schools have a detailed, accurate picture of what happens to students inside the walls of a school, with … Continue reading

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Libertarianism and Representative Government

A thoughtful Libertarian: You noted “Who is the “we” who “outsourced” decisions on taxes to politicians? Whoever it is, it’s a group of people that doesn’t include me. I never did that. In fact, I don’t see that it includes … Continue reading

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Are Taxes Voluntary or Coercive?

A thoughtful Libertarian: “Because, unlike businesses (who rely on customers who choose to trade money for goods or services) and unlike charities (who rely on donors who choose to give), governments rely on taxes to get their money. Similarly, they … Continue reading

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