Democratic Capitalism

What Democratic candidates should be saying if they want to reclaim the middle and win in Republican-leaning districts… Yes, Democratic Capitalism.

I am baffled that every Democrat running for Congress isn’t running on.. you know.. Democratic Capitalism. Something like…

My name is Blake Ashby, and I am running for Congress. I am a Democrat who believes in God and believes in the free market.

People ask me why I’m running. I’m running because I believe this is one of those moments in time that will define the direction of our country for many years to come. I’m running because I still believe in the great experiment that we call the United States of America. I’m running because it feels like our system, our principles, are under attack.

Our country is great because of a compromise we struck a long time ago. When a lot of the world was abandoning the free market – capitalism, we stuck with it. But we compromised and agreed to use democracy to make sure everyone had a chance to participate in our capitalist system. and everyone played by the same set of rules. We haven’t always achieved this ideal. but we have strived to give every person an equal opportunity.

This compromise is the reason we have the largest economy in the world. Capitalism actually works better if there is one set of rules for everyone. Free market competition decides the winners and losers, not who can lobby for special rules out of Washington. Capitalism also works better if we make sure everyone gets in the game. Our country wants kids, regardless of their background, to be able to participate in our economy. To become driven adults pursuing their dreams and growing our economy.

This is the most basic promise of our country, of our Constitution – the promise of equality of opportunity. Providing public roads so we can get to work. Making sure that every person, regardless of their parents’ situation, has access to an education. Making sure everyone has a chance to take control of their life.

I am a living example of the power of this compromise. My parents were middle class and were able to put a roof over our heads and food on our table. They taught me that if I set my sights high and worked hard, no dream was out of reach. My school, my community, and my church reinforced this promise. I was given a chance to get in the game. That’s all I wanted – a chance to try, to participate. And to compete under the same rules as everyone else. I am here today because my family, our community, our country, are committed to the idea that every America should have opportunity.

This is a unique moment in time. There are forces in our country that wants to abandon the compromise. That want to abandon equality of opportunity. This election will set the direction of our country. Do we abandon the idea that everyone should get in the game and everyone should play by the same set of rules? Or do we reaffirm our commitment to equality of opportunity? Do we focus on doing an even better job of living up to the promise of this country?

The United States of America isn’t perfect. We haven’t achieved equality of opportunity for all of our citizens. But we as a country still need to step up. To defend democratic capitalism against those that want to tear it down. I’m running because I still believe in the compromise, I still believe in Democratic Capitalism. I still believe our country benefits when everyone gets to participate and everybody plays by the same set of rules.

When people ask me what I hope to accomplish, that’s it. I want to defend Democratic Capitalism, what made our country great, and make it even better. And we can do it. We can get back to everyone in the game, and one set of rules. We can make sure even more of our citizens have the tools and opportunities they need to get in the game, to participate in our wonderful economy. I’m running because I want to help ensure that the United States of America remains the great country that it is. I’m asking you to join me in this mission. Together, we can keep America great.

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