Class 1 – Capitalism for Urban Youth

A few year back (pre-Michael Brown), my wife, a friend and I developed a program to teach capitalism to urban youth.  For many different reasons, urban youth and particularly young Black men, do not learn an understanding of capitalism.  My friend eventually joined a social services organization.  He developed a job training program for adults, and he pulled in part of what we were doing to also expose the participants to capitalism.  We have now developed and are piloting a High School program specifically designed for young Black men.  The program doesn’t sugar coat anything – it talks about racism and even white supremacy, and its impact on African American’s understanding (and lack of understanding) of our capitalist system.  We talk about these things not to make anyone mad, or to get the students obsessing about racism, but because racism, and yes white supremacy, have had and continue to have an impact.  Here is a link to the first capitalism section from the draft Student’s Workbook.  Why Teach Capitalism

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