Class 4 – Capitalism and White Supremacy

Attached is Class 4 of the program that teaches capitalism to Urban Youth, Capitalism and White Supremacy.  Students learn how racism and White Supremacy historically tried to keep African Americans from participating in our capitalist system, from accumulating economic power. We talk about this history not to make the students angry, but to help them understand its possible impact on their thoughts and actions. Racism can hold a person back in two ways – it can keep them from being offered opportunities, and it can keep them from acting upon opportunities. We want the students to understand how the legacy of racism could have crept into their minds, and made them doubt their ability to succeed in mental pursuits – make them doubt their ability to succeed in our capitalist. We want them to understand the internal and external pressures that tell them they can’t and learn to move beyond the pressures to choose the direction of their lives.  4 Capitalism and White Supremacy

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