It’s a sad day for our country, and I wish President Trump would correct the situation, for the good of our country. Like many middle of the road people, I doubted that President Trump’s campaign actively colluded with the Russians, or had even been organized enough to be that conniving. And the frenzy around the Mueller Report, at its extremes, could be viewed as a Witch Hunt. But this is different – asking for foreign help against Biden does step over that line, and was wrong. I understand the President’s negotiator’s instincts to always try to expand the Ask, and I understand that the President feels that exposing Biden didn’t just benefit him, but would also benefit the country by providing a truer picture of who was doing what leading up to the 2016 election. But whatever the motivations or back story, the President still crossed a line.

I wish the President would just confess his sins. Admit that what he did could be viewed as a linkage, a result of his negotiating instincts, and whatever the underlying motivations could be viewed as crossing a Constitutional line that shouldn’t be crossed. I wish the President would apologize, and promise not to do it again, and ask the House not to proceed with the impeachment.

It would be the right thing for our country.

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