Be Gentle with your Trump-loving relatives this Thanksgiving

Be gentle with your Trump-loving family members this Thanksgiving. And yes, that means taking a step back from your moral high ground.

I didn’t vote for the President and I’m not a fan of the Administration. However the Pro Impeachment crowd seems to regularly distort or even ignore why people voted for Trump – because they felt that a President Hillary Clinton would be more dangerous to our country and to our Constitution.

Right now, if you are against President Trump, you have a conversational advantage at the Thanksgiving table. We have regular proof for Trump’s disdain for the Constitution, whether the situation in the Ukraine or his attacks on the press or his efforts to undermine legal protections for different parts of our society. If you are a Trump voter, you are at a severe conversational disadvantage – because she didn’t win, we will never know what kind of damage a President Clinton would have done to our country and Constitution.

Would a Clinton-appointed judiciary have ruled that use of fossil fuels was unconstitutional because of its impact on future generations? Would Clinton have signed an executive order abolishing the Immigration and Customers Enforcement agency? Hence the conversational imbalance. We know exactly what Trump is doing. We will never know what Clinton would have done.

So be careful about the moral high ground. Be careful about accusing your Trump-loving relatives of not loving the Constitution. In all likelihood they love it just as much as you do. And in all likelihood they will continue to think that for all of the turmoil Trump is bringing upon our country, a Clinton Presidency would have been worse.

I know it’s tempting try to argue that a rational appraisal of the facts supports Impeachment. But you are conflating two different things. A rational appraisal of the facts supports that Trump attempted to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation of Biden to serve his political interests. But that’s a separate question from whether this behavior justifies removing a democratically elected president before the end of his term.

And unfortunately, if you’ve been telling your Trump loving relatives from Day 1 that he deserved to be impeached, well, that does undermine your credibility. The vast majority of the middle of the road people I know thought it was unlikely the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians, for the simple reason that his campaign was too disorganized to do anything requiring that much planning. If you spent a year and a half telling your Trump-loving relatives that the Mueller Report was going to prove that Trump deserves to be impeached, hopefully you can understand how this could make your Trump-loving relatives wonder if maybe your hatred of Trump is coloring your thoughts on the Ukraine situation.

So have a happy, peaceful Thanksgiving. Take a step back from the moral high ground. Don’t question your Trump-loving relatives’ love of our Constitution, their rationality, or their love for our country. Give thanks that we live in a country with a political system that allows people to disagree at the dinner table but settle matters through elections.

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