The Disappointment of Elizabeth Warren

I think, of all the Democratic candidates, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the most disappointing.  She could have been a contender.  But at the end of the day she did a bunch of things that made me think of her as a hypocrite. 

As Senator, Warren was more than happy to hold high dollar fund raisers.  Then all of a sudden she suggests that candidates that participate in high dollar fund raisers are somehow corrupted.  Does that mean she was corrupted, but now she’s seen the light?  It’s hard not to think that her position was a political stunt to get closer to the Bernie wing of the party, not some grand moral awakening. 

The same goes for Medicare for All.  Warren’s schtick was “I’ve got a plan”.  Even if there was no chance that all, or many, would get implemented, they were generally defensible and thought through.  But clearly she didn’t do the research for Medicare for all.  Then, when she and her staff started to realize its many challenges, she didn’t pull back – she reaffirmed her support and released a vague, poorly thought out way of paying for it.  It was hard not to think that she only did this to appeal to the Bernie wing, and unfortunately it undercut her central credibility, that she was a thoughtful, planned person.  Now she was a hypocrite and did questionable math. 

I think what disappoints me most of all are her economic positions.  I went into the election believing that Warren was the one person that would understand where American Capitalism has gone wrong, that we have slipped away from our commitment to one set of financial rules.  I thought she would be the one candidate to put forth real changes to fix capitalism, to get back to one set of rules.  But instead, she created a cartoon version of capitalism and started making cartoon proposals with only passing connection to how our economy actually works.  When she talked about Capitalism, she sounded like a soviet propaganda poster (you know, the kinds of posters Bernie saw when he was in the Soviet Union 🙂 ).  The thing that I liked best, that she understood capitalism and would focus on real world fixes, she abandoned to spout out a bunch of stuff that made her sound like a more well-spoken Bernie. 

Who knows where the Democratic primaries will wind up.  I’m still shaking my head at the degree to which Sen. Sanders, someone who claims not even to be a Democrat, is setting the terms of the conversation. 

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