We Shouldn’t Question President Trump’s Integrity

It’s a rough time for our country, but we will get through it, and we will eventually get back to the presidential election.  When we do, I’m hoping its with a more civil, less hateful approach.  And that includes how we talk about President Trump.

I’m not a Trump fan, but I’m also not a Trump Hater. It bothers how people attack the president personally and question his integrity. Not commenting on anything he did before elected, but give him credit – before the coronavirus, he was actually trying to do what he said he would do. He was actually trying to live up to his campaign promises, and that’s not something you can say about every politician or office holder. How could that not be viewed as proof of integrity?

Just as frustrating are the people that suggest Trump is in it for the money, that he is using his position as President to enrich himself. That’s just not true. By almost every publicly available number, he is making less money now that he was before he ran for president. Being president has hurt his finances, not helped them. Why is it so hard for people to accept that President Trump really is trying to do what he thinks is best for our country? Not trying to rip off the country, not trying to destroy it, just doing what he thinks needs to be done us a better country?

Everybody talks about how the President has undermined democratic norms. One of those democratic norms is that we didn’t demonize the other side. We assume they loved our country just like we love our country, even if they thought it needed to move in a different direction. President Trump loves this country, and while I don’t believe in the direction he wants to take us, he clearly feels that he is doing what’s best for our country. He wants what he thinks is best for America.

Again, I’m not a Trump fan, and I don’t agree with a great many of his decisions, or how he has handled this crisis. But I don’t question his commitment to, or love, of our country. You can’t complain about the damage to our democratic values and then turn around and accuse Trump of being an evil man trying to hurt our country. You just can’t – they are only democratic norms if they count for everybody in our democracy, even the people with whom we don’t agree. Yes, even for President Donald Trump.

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