About the Author

Blake Ashby is president of Adjudica, LLC, a company that is developing an innovative transparency and engagement tool for the healthcare industry. In the early nineties he was active in Missouri Republican politics, co-authoring a book tracing the evolution of Liberalism with a local candidate for Congress and preparing a report on the St. Louis desegregation program for then Missouri House Member Jim Talent. He was also an early participant in the Internet industry, preparing the first financial models for the company that became Golf.com and the first business plan for the company that became Savvis Communications. In the late nineties he helped found a competitive phone company that was one of the first to offer high speed DSL technology in the Midwest. In 2001 he helped found mpXML.org, a technology standards development body for the meat and poultry industry. He is also periodically assists with Washington University’s entrepreneurship program. In 2004, frustrated with the direction of the Republican Party, he ran as a protest candidate in several Republican Presidential primaries and briefly flirted with running in 2008. His campaign slogan: Vote for Ashby – at least he tells the truth.

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